The best kiosk’s managing program.

Managing and controlling software, that is dedicated to all multimedia kiosk with public access. Secure internet browser that protects access to the operating system and offers operation through screen keyboard in many languages.

Safety of user

Safety of user

"Overlay" on Internet Explorer protects operational system against electronic vandalism. Possibility of program configuration: on-line or off-line. Defining access to computer resources and shared selected content.



Broad choice of Homepages and browser skins. Customization of user interface (start page colours, button styles, etc). Possible menu bar hiding and switching between multiple open windows.



Touch screen operated by screen keyboard and screen buttons. Many optional modules. Among others: support of webcam, Watch Dog, module recording user’s activity, cooperation with payment devices.

  • Administrative module
    • Interface in Polish

      Easy tool to manage displayed information

  • Security of operating system
    • Watch Dog software

      System monitoring. Controls work of computer system. Automatic restart.

    • Password

      Access to the setup and configuration is protected by password. Possibility to automatic PC turn off at a settled time.

    • Protection against non-wanted access to PC system

      "Overlay" on the Internet Explorer that protects operating system against electronic vandalism

    • Crucial key combinations are blocked.

    • Screen resolution

      Screen resolution can be settled, ensuring the best resolution for individual users.

  • Secure access to Internet
    • Restricted access to selected websites

      Administrator decides which web pages are available and which are not.

    • Offline work possible

      Possibility to open and brows chosen web pages without being connected to network

    • email

      Possibility to send email using the built-in SiteKiosk email program.

    • Screen keyboard

      Possibility to choose keyboard with Polish or other national characters. Keyboard can be adjusted to specific needs of users or used applications.

    • Large buttons replacing scrollbars

      Using those buttons, user is able to use in easy way existing websites and it’s services without any further modifications

  • Management
    • Window’s Management

      Precise control and automatic closing of windows that are in the background

    • Web search

      Web search can be initiated by pressing "search" in SiteKiosk menu

    • Print documents and web pages

      Possibility to define print options of displayed web pages

    • Programs

      Possibility to define *exe files, that user will be able to run after selecting the "Programs" button in SiteKiosk menu.

    • Screen saver

      Optional screen saver can shut down opened windows, delete temporary internet files and clear browser history.

    • Appearance

      Modification of the menu appearance. Administrator can choose one of ready-made designs or create own page.

  • Optional modules
    • SiteCam

      After installing kiosk camera and / or microphone, you can send emails with attached sound recording, photo or video

    • SiteCoach

      Possibility to restrict access to certain sites. undesirable content such as pornography will be not available

    • SiteDog

      After installing SiteDog card, hardware is controlled by WatchDog. In case of problems in work of operating system and suspension of the hardware, reset of the system is being executed.

    • SiteCash

      Possibility to work with payment devices such as coin acceptors, credit card readers etc

    • SiteReport

      Module recording user’s activity. In case of problems it helps to diagnose the causes and circumstances of errors. Generated statistics reveal preferences of users and adjust offers to customer’s needs.

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